Why Plant-based Skincare Matters

Plant based skincare products offer numerous advantages and benefits for our skin, health and wellbeing. Plant based skin care products are made mainly from plant ingredients such as herbs, fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, nuts, legumes, etc. Plant based skin care products are full of natural vitamins, essential oils, nutrients and minerals which aid glowing skin and healthy hair growth. Plant based skincare products are ultra-gentle to dry and extremely sensitive skin. Natural plant-based skincare products offer nutrition to your skin because of the natural occurring ingredients which rejuvenate, repair and glow the skin naturally which is best for your skin. On a daily basis, the skin encounters numerous challenges from harshness of UV rays from sunlight to the dryness of harsh winter conditions. These challenges tend to cause the skin to lose its shine, glow and elasticity as time goes by. The products you apply on the skin is very critical as it can either cause harm or nurture the skin because the skin absorbs what is applied on it. Plant-based skincare products are the best option to caring for your precious skin. Most skincare products are made from synthetic materials are harmful to the skin however plant-based skincare products contain ingredients that are safe to use. Plant based skincare products are eco-friendly as these contain ingredients from plants. When you use natural, plant-based products, you are not only ensuring that your skin is fed with the right minerals and essential vitamins it needs to keep you healthy and enhance your wellbeing, it also ensures that the earth is protected. Creations By Viva Skincare products are made from natural plant-based ingredients in ensuring that your skin is cared for a good health and wellbeing. Try any of our products from skincare to cosmetics to our luscious body washes and facial care products.

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